Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Author? It doesn’t matter your writing profession of choice, what matters is that you have a website for your business. You don’t have to have a blog, you don’t even need a finished book, you just need a corner of cyberspace to call your own.  And here’s why:



Your Online Portfolio

Having an online portfolio is an important asset to your writing business. You can direct clients to your portfolio with interactive links to your published clips, rather than bogging down your emails with resumes and attachments. Plus, having an online portfolio sets that bar and shows that you care about your business and self enough to have a website.


Free Sample Anyone

Sending an introduction email detailing your experience and interest in working with a client is vital to a writing business. And your cover letter is a way to showcase some of your writing styles. But if you direct people to your website and have a blog, or a series of short stories, or vignettes along with a portfolio, your client will have a better idea of who they are working with. Even if they ask for a sample, getting in the habit of creating content for your writing website will make that process easier.


Are you an author? Publish blurbs from your books on your website, tease new books, let your readers know where you are in the process. This is one of my favorite things about independent authors. It’s great that I can check in and read what’s new. Are they struggling with a new chapter, are they talking to publishers? Those are relatable parts of the writing process.



You’re A Pro

Let’s face it, anyone with access to a computer can make a website. Thanks to the easy templates on WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix, the hard work, the coding nonsense that we don’t have time for, is all done for us. We just have to be able to maneuver drag and drop interfaces, and have a good grasp on language and grammar. But although websites are easier than ever, not all websites are created equally. Your website says a lot about you. The effort you put in your business, what you’re hoping to accomplish, what your clients are saying about you.



Show Off Your Skills

It’s your website, it’s where you can show off all your awesome talent. Your business, your portfolio, your blog, your website is where you can house all these elements and make them shine.


There are a lot of reasons you need a website. Beginner or long time professional. Urban Fantasy Series Author or Ghostwriter, the bottom line is you need a website. What are the way’s you make your website pop? Let me know in the comments.


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