Sometimes as a freelancer, I feel a little like Amelia Bedelia. You know, those children’s books that taught about the idiosyncracies of the English Language. It’s a date cake not a date cake, silly Amelia.



I’ve got the literal gist down when it comes to queries, pitches, submissions and negotiating rates, but the execution doesn’t always work out. And that’s all just par for the course. It’s a waiting game, it’s a learning game and it’s a lot of learning from my mistakes. For example, where to submit.


Remember when I talked about the query, the three step process that sets up your pitch up for success. I’ve struck out, quite a bit, and more often than not it was because I didn’t have the right home for the query.


I‘ve compiled a list of a few places to pitch your articles. You can find mega lists, I’m talking lists by the hundreds, at and beyond. But this is more about the process I go through to finding the right home for those articles, instead of pulling an Amelia and simply submitting for submitting’s sake.


Places to Submit Travel Articles




Gonomad isn’t looking for your typical “Top Ten Places To Visit in Europe” type article. The editor is looking for unique experiences, off the beaten path adventures, and angles to travel and tourism that hasn’t been talked about a thousand times before. When I pitched an article here, I got an immediate response and the editor was extremely accommodating with my questions and changes.



BootsnAll is an all-encompassing travel website experience. It‘s a community, you can sign up for newsletters, information, and even plan your trip by talking with travelers all over the world. BootsnAll is looking for indie travel experiences, budget travel tips and tricks, and how to make a unique one of a kind experience while planning your trip.


A local magazine, blog, or website about the specific place you want to write about.


Do yourself a favor and get familiar with the local, or small circuit magazines around your local area or focusing on topics you like to write about. Chances are they could use content and chances are they pay. Maybe even more than a glossy national print magazine. There’s an absolutely phenomenal magazine based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that accepts submissions. Check out Artful Living magazine.


Places to Submit Writing Articles


freelance writing tips


Writers Digest

Writers Digest is an amazing resource for writers of all kinds from every walk of life. Inkwell is the upfront portion of the magazine, and the most likely place to get published. They’ll take humorous personal stories, advice, experience, and writing tips.


The Write Life

Write Life wants on spec, full drafts of your articles. They also ask you to upload it as a Google doc and share it with the Write Life team. They generally want articles that focus on your success, or how to achieve your writing goals. The best tips and advice for maximum results. They are also heavy on the listicles.


Women on Writing

As the name suggests, Women on Writing is looking for women writers to talk about writing. This was another situation where someone got back to me right away looking for more information on my query, which is always reassuring. All too often we send our queries out of the nest and fear never even knowing if they’ve even landed safely until we follow up. Women on writing is also another website packed to the gills with informative articles.


Write a Guest Post for a fellow Blogger or Author


Go through your twitter followers and find the blogs that speak to your interests and focus. Or pick out two or three blogs that you constantly find yourself visiting. Connect with that blog or website host and inquire about possibly contributing a guest post. It never hurts to ask and could be a great way to boost traffic and help establish your creds.



We’ll keep this running tally going. At least once a week I’ll post my top places for submitting content based on specific topics, genres, or niches.


When you’re looking for where to submit, make sure you read some of the content on the website or in the magazine that you plan to submit to. It’s a little time-consuming, but it will help hone your voice and decide if that website or magazine is the right fit.


If you have a specific article in mind, submit to a few places but change up the wording, structure and highlight different talking points in each query. You don’t want to be stuck in a rock and a hard place when two competing markets want your same article. It happens, even for beginners.


Look local and branch out. If you have a travel article about hiking, can you rework it for a healthy living magazine?


You’ll find your own groove for submitting articles, finding those places to pitch that get back to you in a decent amount of time, and what your specialties are. But for now, hopefully, these little lists will help get you started in the right direction.