I used to fancy myself a creative nonfiction writer. An essayist, a stunning wordsmith weaving tales that use my own life to prove a point or share a painful truth. But after submitting, and submitting, and submitting my personal essays and getting nothing but rejections, it turns out that maybe I am not the personal essay writer I fancied myself. Maybe I’m just not submitting to the right place. Or maybe the material just isn’t personal enough. Either way, at this time, no one wants my diatribes and rants.


Creative nonfiction is such an interesting genre. Personal memoirs, essays, creative nonfiction pieces, these are what most of the internet is made of. That and cat videos.. and shopping. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that’s the basis of the whole blogging industry. Writing about yourself and presenting it to the masses.


If you think you have a story worth sharing, here a few places that you could submit to. I hope you have better luck than me. I’ll stick to writing about writing, reviews, travel, and my fiction.





Hippocampus is an online creative non-fiction magazine. You do have to pay to submit to them, but they do compensate their contributors which helps to balance that out. They accept a pretty wide range of creative non-fiction, memoir excerpts, and flash creative fiction. And all the submissions I’ve read on their website are very well crafted so you know that they take their submission process seriously. The only problem is that it takes forever to get a response back. We’re talking months. So submit and say goodbye.


Full Grown People

Full Grown People is another blog with another submission fee. But the editor publishes some incredible stories and you will be compensated for your work from what I understand. I submitted here and got a response back in a pretty timely manner, so I would recommend at least checking out the content to see if it’s a good fit.



Guess how many times I’ve submitted to Bustle. EIGHT! That’s right. You would think a girl would take a hint, but Bustle is huge and getting featured on their website would be awesome. I’ve submitted everything from political commentary, a story about my experiences with Tinder, to talking about feminism. They take a wide variety of submissions, and they do pay. Just be sure to be thorough when looking over the contribution guidelines.


Luna Luna

Luna Luna isn’t just another feminist website covering life hacks and book reviews. They also include a lot of occult, magic, mystery and tarot articles on their website. So if you like writing about Wicca, Tarot, feminism and magic, then Luna Luna could be a great place for you. I like their versatile style and their inclusivity.


Huffington Post

Yes, you can submit a creative nonfiction piece to Huffington Post. I have yet to get anything back from the Huffington Post and I’ve submitted to them five times. But that’s not surprising given their huge presence online, and the fact that everyone and their cousin is probably submitting to them.


Notable Mentions

Dame Magazine



You might be wondering why I would be offering all these submission opportunities if I myself have not had any success with them? Well, I would say first that I have not had success… yet. There still might be an award winning personal essay in me. And secondly, just because I have not gotten a yes from any of them doesn’t mean that your writing wouldn’t be a perfect fit.


Good luck and get writing.