Yes, you heard me right. There is such a thing as a pet concierge, and she is stealing hearts with every guest she meets.


I recently had the pleasure of attending the Women in Travel Summit hosted by Wanderful. It was a truly amazing experience! I talked a little bit about how one panel in particular impacted my perspectives on sharing stories for travel writers, and how much the experience benefitted me as a freelancer and travel writer.


But I wanted to talk about the venue a little. The conference took place at the decadent Hilton Milwaukee City Center, and from the chandeliers gracing the ceilings to the Art Deco finish, it was a feast for the eyes.  




I was ogling every nook and corner. And this is to say nothing of the friendly staff. But one employee in particular stole the show. Millie the pet Concierge is an energetic mini Golden-doodle, who greets guests, romps about with visitors and sets the Hilton Milwaukee apart from any hotel I’ve stayed at.


When the idea for a pet concierge was brought up,  Rusty Dahler, the concierge of the Hilton Milwaukee, took the on the task to find the best breed and fit for the hotel. He settled on the mini Golden-doodle, a combination of Golden Retriever, but shed-free thanks to the poodle part of the equation.



Photo Credit: Instagram millieatthehilton



Millie is still a pup, and according to the staff, quite a handful. Millie attends regular training sessions, but she’s already embracing her role as pet concierge and ambassador of the hotel. She even has her own business cards.


How could you not fall in love with that fluffy face?


Millie is one spoiled pup, guests sometimes send her toys and treats. Not a bad life for a spokespup. 


Millie is One Lucky Puppy


Besides greeting guests, Millie is also there for her coworkers. And I think that any business that has a company pet would boost company morale tenfold.


Talk About a Team Player


Be sure to follow Millie on Instagram to see her latest furry antics, and if you ever find yourself in Milwaukee, enjoy a stay at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. Smack dab in the heart of downtown and like they say in Milwaukee, you can get everywhere you need to within 30 minutes.