My article on jazzing up your writing space gave you some easy ways to create your own space and nurture your writing. But every now and then it’s fun to fantasize about your dream space even if you’re not quite there yet. These real-life writing nooks are drool worthy and would inspire the most glorious of prose, poetry, or freelance fury. Vote for your favorite in the comments below.

Detached Seaside Writing Nook

This refurbished beach house featured on the blog Inside Out, makes me want to build a writing cottage all my own. One problem, I live in a landlocked town and have no building know how. But a girl can dream. 

Hobbit Hole

This Tolkienesque inspired space was featured on  Aestas Book BlogCreate vivid fantasies with courageous heroines and heroes, battle vicious monsters, and invent worlds in this cozy wooden nook.

Wide Open Spaces

Flavorwire featured this architectural masterpiece on its website. While it might be small, it’s all about that expansive, luscious view. Imagine your cup of coffee and your copy of Leaves of Grass faithfully at your side while you meditate on the vastness of the scenery, crafting perfect plots and poetry.

Old World Feel

Looking for rustic? Look no further. This simple space evokes imagery of all things old and wandering. This nook was featured on The Enchanted Storybook

Wall of Books

There can be no better remedy for writer’s block than dipping into a favorite book. This wall of books makes the perfect accessory to this writing space. Featured on Books Direct.

 Simple Space Saver

Living in cramped quarters and just don’t think you can justify creating a writing nook? Check out this literal closet nook. Simple, effective and the white paint and simple decorations give it an airy spacious feel. Featured on No Wasted Ink’s Blog.

Minimal Living

writing nooks

You don’t need much to get your freelance career up and running. A desk and a computer are the bare essentials. And simplicity never looked so elegant with this modern writing desk featured on

Cottage Cozy

A wicker chair and rustic writing desk are perfect for this cozy cottage corner nook. One could picture Beatrix Potter writing in a space like this.

You can find many more spaces, nooks, and masterful feats of design and creativity on Pinterest and online. These are just a few of my favorites. What’s your favorite writing nook?