For this week I thought I would talk about something near and dear to my heart. Coloring! I love those adult coloring books, especially when I need to take a quick break from the exciting world of freelance. It’s a great way to get something accomplished, give the old brain box a break, and keep you sane.

I’m all about having hobbies to keep you sane. I am a habitual knitter/crocheter, collage art pro, and quilter in my free time. And coloring at my desk is the perfect past time. I especially love affirmation cards.

Affirmation cards, for those unfamiliar, are little snippets of positive advice, motivational quotes, inspiration or humor that you can shuffle through like a deck of cards when you need a boost. You can find a ton of affirmation cards online.

Even though you could buy your own motivational cards, I like to make my own. That way, each card speaks personally to my own experiences and the advice that’s much needed.

One person’s “Climb Every Mountain” is another person’s “You Can Move Mountains”.

Making your own affirmation cards is an easy way to step away from the keyboard, do something fun, and creates something that will accompany you on your writing journey.



Colored Pencils, Crayons, Markers, Sharpies

Blank Notecards with a little heft

Pen or Pencil

Step 1: Pick 5-10 quotes/snippets/advice/motivational phrases that speak to you personally. You can check out Pinterest for some great examples of quotes, color pallets, and style ideas.

Step 2: Write your quotes on your cards in whatever fancy calligraphic font, handwriting or printing you prefer. I use pencil or pen, and usually go over them with a sharpie or colored pencil.

Step 3: Go crazy! Draw beautiful vistas around your quotes, splash it with vibrant colors, add swirls and shapes and lines, and give it whatever extra touches you want to make it appealing to you.

Put the rest of the cards somewhere close and whenever you’re having a dull moment pull out those blank cards and get drawing. You’ll have a gorgeous, custom pack of positive affirmations cards.

DIY Affirmation Cards

If you’re not the artistic type, you can check out my own affirmation templates I created using the website, Canva. I’ll post those soon.  You could print them out or just save them on your computer.

Happy Affirming!