Hi! My Name Is Kay And I Write Stuff . . .

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Stuff – one of those vague and all-encompassing words they say never to use. But what if stuff is the best way to describe it?


I’m not a hard-hitting investigative journalist but I conduct and write interviews.


I’m not a bestselling novelist (yet) but I’ve written something resembling a novel and have another one in the works.


I didn’t take a single poetry class in college but I have a collection of painful and adolescent poems covering the usual life, love, and loss.


I love to write reviews of anything and I’m a total binge watching champion.


Creative Nonfiction, short stories, plays, magazine articles, travel writing posts, craft DIYs, you name it, I’ve written it.


It hasn’t all been published, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be.


A little about me, but just a little…


I’m a 28-year-old writing fiend. I’ve got some travel writing experience under my belt. And I specialize in writing local.


I love writing fiction and I think the one motivation that keeps me going is the dream of seeing my book in a library or bookstore someday.


I’ve been published here, here, and here and have a few more articles in the awesome limbo between pitch acceptance and publication.


I’m currently reading Modelland by Tyra Banks so you don’t have to.


My bookcase is one of my prized possessions and the number one thing that comes to my mind when I think about moving anywhere is, “Can I take my books and how do I get them there?”


I decided to start this blog specifically to document my progress as a full-time freelance writer.


I’ve worked a myriad of crap jobs, I’ve lived in Alaska for two summers. I’m a vagabond millennial with few prospects but a brain full of nonstop nonsense.


And I’m now a freelance writer, slowly and surely working towards financial independence.


And while I’ve looked on all the blogs and websites, and sure you can find other more successful writers with expertise and advice, this isn’t about that.


This is my own personal, shall we say journey and be totally cliché? My own personal adventure.


The ups and downs, what I found to be true and what is a total scam.


I hope you’ll keep coming back for weekly updates, personal experiences, how to’s and advice.

Fun Facts & Stuff To Know About Me

1. My first published clip was a review I wrote about the TV show The Magicians.


2. I regularly engage in “desk dancing”, grooving to music while furiously typing up my latest assignments. And sometimes to celebrate.


3. I am a binge-watching champion. If you’ve seen it, chances are I watched it in half the time and was obsessed.

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   Alaska Mountains & Me


4. I read far less but I still manage to get a book read at least every other week. My favorite books are The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Night Circus, and Dietland. I would say each has had a profound influence on my writing style and preferences.


5. My favorite TV shows are Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, and oh so many more. Like I said, you name it, I’ve probably watched it and wrote a review about it.


6. I’ve been to India, the UK and lived in Alaska and Chicago and of course my hometown in NW Wisconsin, but there are still so many places I want to go.


7. I’m a crafty nut and like to crochet, cut and paste, collage, color, and quilt in my spare time.


8. I fancy myself a stellar personal essay writer but have yet to get one published. Instead topics I’ve been published in include travel, coffee, and reviews.


9. Ultimate writing goals include publishing some novels and being totally self sufficient with writing alone.