Looking for content writer jobs that pay and pay well is not easy. Even though it may seem like there are thousands of job postings that tout content writer positions, the chances of landing them are slim.


I’ve noticed from some of my other articles that show my honest perspective on why some job board websites might not work, I don’t have a lot of content devoted to those websites that I love and use all the time for finding reliable content writing jobs.



Rethink Your Resume



Here is a list of websites that will help you hone in your content writer searches and applications:



Freelance Writer.com 


The Good: Freelancewriting.com has a ton of job listings, they are usually reliable in terms of verification and you can find job postings for everything from copywriting, to content writing, to editing.


Freelancewriting also has a writer base that you can join where if you’re accepted, you’ll get notified of new premium project listings. You can claim projects, write articles, and get paid all through the Freelancewriting platform.


The Bad: The listings and article offerings for their writers are scarce at best, so make sure to choose as many topics of interest as possible. Working with project managers and editors through the freelancewriter platform is also extremely difficult as writers are given a timeline (a certain number of days or hours) to complete a project and it can take a while to even get a response from the editor or person who needs the article.


I’ve contacted the managers of the writing program of Freelancewriting and they were very accommodating with my questions, and as I’ve gathered from their emails they are still working out some kinks on their writing platform, so it may improve in the coming years.


6 Websites for finding Content Writer Jobs (That Actually Pay!)




The Good: Problogger usually has content writing jobs specifically for, you guessed it, bloggers. The job postings are remote freelance positions and revolve around content creation, graphic design, editing, and blogging. I’ve had pretty decent response rate from jobs I’ve applied to on ProBlogger and there are also a lot of tips and helpful blogging advice.


The Bad: The jobs are few and far between.





I’ve written about nDash before here on my blog and you can check out my article reviewing their services. I’ve had a lot of luck on nDash and I think it’s a great platform, especially for technical or B2B freelance writers.


Job Listing Sites


Mainstream job listing sites such as Indeed.com and Monster.com may not be specifically geared towards the freelance writer, but they still can be a source for finding content writer jobs.


The good: Simply type in “writer” in the search bar for the jobs you are looking for and you’ll get thousands, and I do mean thousands of job listings for content writing, freelancers, editors, copywriters, social media managers, etc. To apply for a job as a writer on Indeed is also super easy since you can upload your resume directly and apply to most jobs write (punny!) on Indeed.


The bad: Many of the jobs are unverified, deal with sketchy content mills or have lengthy qualifications that exclude a vast majority of writers. I’ve had several successful interactions with jobs on Indeed, but there are literally hundreds of job postings I’ve applied for that are yet unanswered.


6 Websites for finding Content Writer Jobs (That Actually Pay!)


The Write Life


The Good: Not only can you submit articles to The Write Life, they are a website packed with information and lists of places to submit your work….that pay. And the helpful articles aren’t by beginners, the Write Life only publishes (at least from my experience submitting to them) writers who have the chops and credentials to back up their tips and helpful blog posts. You can also find hyper niched information that deals with everything from fiction writing, to dealing with clients, to writing for a specific market.


The Bad: They haven’t accepted a single submission of mine but that’s more of a personal quandary than a comment against them. All in all, The Write Life is a great resource.


Freedom With Writing 


The Good: Every morning I settle down for coffee and open up my emails, and among them is a list of writing contests for creative nonfiction writers. Freedom with Writing is a subscriber based magazine that sends jobs, contests, fellowships, companies, and free ebooks write (pun again!) to your email.


The bad: With any subscriber email program, the potential for scammy content is a possibility. I personally haven’t seen any red flags to indicate a scam, but always be cautious and do your research before you shell out your personal information.


The search for content writing jobs is a never ending and always evolving one. As I learn more about the business and continue to delve deeper into the industry I’ve started seeing the patterns of who to avoid and which jobs would actually at least respond back to me.





Never give up, even though I have a full-time paying gig right now, I still keep applying to jobs because you just never know. Freelance work is incredibly fulfilling but it’s anything but secure. And remember, anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something.