I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I’m a freelance writer and this blog is subtly about my life as a full time freelance writer. While I’ve introduced myself and what to expect from this blog, this isn’t just about me. At least I hope not. I can just scream into the void of the interweb but presumably you’re here to see what I’ve got to offer and if you’re a beginner, how I can help. Let’s start with 21 prompts to get the juices flowing:

1. Your old High School friend wants to know what you’ve been up to, do you tell them about your writing goals?

2. It’s all about the money, money, money. Assess some financial goals?

3. How would you respond to this Craigslist posting? “Calling all Writers! Want to make Big $$$$$$$$$? Email us your resume and three writing samples. Our clients are clamoring for content”

4. How do you feel about being rejected?

5. How do you feel about being rejected?

6. How do you feel about being rejected? Get it, rejection happens, a lot?

7. “Hi, We’re a fancy fluffy, flouncy, literary magazine of truly merit worthy awesome, but we can’t pay.” Think about what you would submit to and wouldn’t.

8. Stop everything and write anything for as long as you can. What’s your current word count?

9. A client needs a 500 word article about SEO which you may or may not know anything about.    Make it work writers.

10. What’s your editing strategy?

11. What don’t you want?

12. Picture perfect, write a little bit about #photography.

13. What, in your mind, are the three worst mistakes a writer can make?

14. What are the writing rules you bend sometimes?

15. “Go to the top of the mountain and find the crystal clear river, there is a rock and by that rock is a glass flower sprouting from the ground….” Is:
        A: A great Writing Prompt, lets go, whee…
        B: Cliche nonsense, ugg! Here’s my own prompt.
        C: I don’t do fiction

16. The one author I love is?

17. The one author I am not a fan of is?

18. When you hear the word client you think?

19. If someone says you can’t make a living as a writer or writing is just a hobby, what’s a short snappy, surefire way to knock them flat and prove you got this? (Seriously let me know because I still kind of mumble my way through this.)

20. Ghost Writing: Yay or Nay?

21. Two magazines want the same article because you pitched to both at the same time. What would you do?

These are just a few basic beginner-ish things to get you started. Ready, Set, Go… Get Writing!