Hello Fellow Freelancers!


When I first started Kay Writes Stuff, it was meant as an online portfolio for prospective clients to view my published clips. At the time I only a had a handful of posts to my name.


As the website evolved it became a place to share my adventures as a beginner freelancer and what tips, tricks, and random bits worked for me.





For a brief time, I used to check in with my weekly recap, a way to hold myself accountable and stay motivated.


Seemed like a great idea in theory, but once I got my first freelance gig I definitely let the weekly recap fall through the cracks.


However, in the spirit of the New Year and coming up on nearly a year of freelancing myself, I thought I would check in and give you a quick recap and rundown of my goals.


First of all, let’s just take a minute and say thank goodness that 2017 is over!





This was the year I decided to stop serving tables and slinging drinks and finally pursue freelance writing.


A risky move considering my debt outweighed any kind of assets I had managed to save (or not) through the years.


Out of college for several years with very little resume-worthy skills beyond customer service, deciding to just say “what the hey” and become a self-employed freelancer probably wasn’t the savviest of decisions. 





And it was rocky, to say the least.


Even though I was able to land a major print publication almost immediately, it wasn’t until July (mind you I started seriously in April) that I landed a gig that could finally, nearly, pay my bills. 


I got rejected so many times I lost count, I pitched so many places, and I had to deal with some humble pie when I made more than a few rookie mistakes. But here I am, ready to face 2018 with all cylinders firing.


freelance writing tips


A big thank you to all my new subscribers and readers! I wouldn’t be here without you all. 



2017: My Year in Review 


Major gigs: 1, Staff writer at Earth.com


Accepted pitches: 23


Published poems: 2


Daily Word Maximum: 2,500


Questkeeper Status: 2/3 of the way finished


Chapbook Submissions: 2 (I’ll be writing a post later all about chapbooks and how to craft your own)


Surprise gig of the year: Writing a children’s book for a local client


Kay Writes Stuff Subscribers: 217 (OMG! Thank you guys!!!)


Social Media Platform Followers:

  Twitter: 729

  Instagram: 121

  Facebook: 46


Fav Clips: My Summer as a Madame, Cafe Crossroads for Fresh Cup Magazine (Print Only), Ultimate Plus Size Thrift Store Shopping Guide, 




2018 GOALS


Kay Writes Stuff Content goals: Weekly content!

I would love to publish articles every few days if possible about freelancing, reviews on job boards, classes, and workshops, how-to’s, and writing tips and interviews beyond just freelancing.


Subscriber Goals: 5,000 (whoa but you gotta think big right)


Gig Goals: There’s a rule of thumb that even if you have the cushiest gig in the world, you should always be on the lookout for something else. To make sure that you’re not solely dependent on one job if something falls through.

So my 2018 goal is to be able to find at least two other long-term gigs that help supplement my income.


Pitch Goals: Once upon a time I was pitching 4 times a week. Wow! I don’t have it in me to keep that up with a full-time gig but I do hope to at least get back to a regular pitching habit and try for one pitch a week.


Financial Goals: Right now, my current freelance income, solely with gigs and pitches is a little under $2,000 a month. Now, that’s enough to get by but my student loans are pretty hefty.

So this year my goal is to up that $2,500 and work towards finally making a dent in those pesky loans.


Fiction Goals: Finish finish finish! You know how useful a half-finished draft is? Totally and utterly useless and this year my goal is to finish Quest Keeper and one more draft that’s been gathering dust in the rafters.



What are your goals?


What would you like me to write about here on the website? Is there a freelance writing job board or service that has you curious but you don’t know if it’s worth your time or money? What are you most looking for in terms of tips and helpful advice?



Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for my 2018 Freelance Writing Starter Kit and GIVEAWAY!!!!