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Ride The Cyclone: Step right up for a rip-roaring good time!
Every roller coaster worth its ride has thrills, suspense and a brief glimpse of your own mortality as you loop, flip, and zoom around the track. Ride the Cyclone, the mad-cap musical dramedy playing at Jungle Theaterthrough October 20th doesn’t skimp on the thrills. Directed by Sarah Rasmussen, this show is a 90-minute spectacle sprinkled with a few life lessons for good measure…

Global deforestation and the slow progress to protect the world’s forests
Costa Rica previously had one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world. In just a few decades, forest cover dropped from 70 percent to 20 percent by the 1980s. 
Today, Costa Rica is known for its lush tropical forests, ecotourism, and conservation. Somehow Costa Rica went from rapid rates of deforestation to zero, allowing for forest growth and sustainable land use…

The Glass Menagerie: the play dazzles if, at times, a bit dully
For the fifth time, the Guthrie has brought The Glass Menagerie to its stage one of Tennessee Williams most popular and oft-performed plays. Director Joseph Haj has helmed this latest production. With a small cast and simple set, the strength of Williams’ semi-autobiographical play lies in its characters and the timelessness of the story, one that centers on family, love, the limits of guilt, and the weary weight of our pasts.

Minnesota to become the next state to adopt stricter emissions standards
Following in the footsteps of California, Minnesota has announced plans to adopt new emissions standards in an effort to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency. 
Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz announced the move on Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune, and it will take 18 months for the standards to take effect…