RoadMap To Full-Time Freelance Writing Success

How to Avoid Writing Cliches

  Tell me if this rings a bell?  A gothic lair? The tempestuous son of an evil billionaire that can’t get past his daddy issues? A martial arts...

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DIY Affirmation Cards

  For this week I thought I would talk about something near and dear to my heart. Coloring! I love those adult coloring books, especially when...

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Meet Kay Vandette

Hello Aspiring Freelancers! 

I’m Kay and I am a full time Freelance Writer. Join me as I share with you all my freelance tips, tricks, and helpful hints. What worked for me and what didn’t. From my first pitch to my first full-fledged book proposal, all the ups and downs of writing for profit, pleasure, and passion!

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21 Writing Prompts To Get You Started On Your Freelancing Path

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